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Welcome to Tom Hardy Vault,!

Hi, friends! Welcome to Tom Hardy Vault, Your newest and most comprehensive source on the british actor Tom Hardy. He started his career a long long time ago, is most known for his work in movies such as Bronson, Legend, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, where he got his first Academy Award nomination for portraying John Fitzgerald, Dunkirk and many more. This year you can catch him on Venom as the journalist Eddie Brock and next year will star in Fonzo.

I’m excited to launch the site and share my love for Tom with all the Hardigans out there! Our gallery is almost completed with over 40.000 images of Tom in event appearances, movies, tv shows, stage productions and many more.

Please don’t forget to constantly check it and our gallery to see the new updates, And I’m planning to added even more pictures to the collection. Thank you for the visit and I hope you come back soon. Make sure to follow us on twitter for updates: @tomhardyorg

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