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5.06 "Mr. Jones" (Screencaptures)

Trailer Screencaptures

“Capone” Blu-Ray Screen Captures

Hello, everyone! Capone is out on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes. Our gallery has been updated with over +1900 HD screencaptures of Tom’s scenes as Fonsi, enjoy!

Capone2020-0007.jpg Capone2020-0028.jpg Capone2020-0160.jpg Capone2020-0457.jpg
Capone2020-0670.jpg Capone2020-0984.jpg Capone2020-1879.jpg Capone2020-1997.jpg


Tom Hardy Vault Celebrates 1 Year Online!

This month, Tom Hardy Vault celebrates 1 Year since we went online.

We want to thank everyone who supported the site during this time and to celebrate we’ve updated our gallery with exclusive production stills and promotional images of Wuthering Heights with Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley. Check out our gallery!

tomhardyorg_001.jpg tomhardyorg_009.jpg tomhardyorg_019.jpg tomhardyorg_023.jpg
tomhardyorg_003.jpg tomhardyorg_005.jpg tomhardyorg_016.jpg tomhardyorg_020.jpg


Photos: Audi Sentebale Concert

Tom Hardy attended the Audi Sentebale Concert at Hampton Court Palace. Our gallery has been updated with HQ images from the event:

tomhardyorg_AudiSentebaleConcert_001.jpg tomhardyorg_AudiSentebaleConcert_002.jpg tomhardyorg_AudiSentebaleConcert_007.jpg tomhardyorg_AudiSentebaleConcert_020.jpg
tomhardyorg_AudiSentebaleConcert_003.jpg tomhardyorg_AudiSentebaleConcert_004.jpg tomhardyorg_AudiSentebaleConcert_008.jpg tomhardyorg_AudiSentebaleConcert_012.jpg


Photos: Violent Youth Crime Forum

Hello, everyone! Tom joined Duke of Sussex and Prince Charles at Clarence House for a roundtable discussion about the prevention of youth violence in the UK. Check out our gallery!

tomhardyorg_181212ViolentYouthCrimeForum_004.jpg tomhardyorg_181212ViolentYouthCrimeForum_005.jpg tomhardyorg_181212ViolentYouthCrimeForum_001.jpg tomhardyorg_181212ViolentYouthCrimeForum_002.jpg


Fayre Of St James’s Christmas Concert

Tom Hardy attended Fayre Of St James’s Christmas Concert that took place in November and welcomed 500 guests to an exclusive evening of carols, live performances, festive reading and Christmas cheer. Our gallery was updated with photos from the concert, enjoy!

tomhardyorg_001.jpg tomhardyorg_002.jpg tomhardyorg_001.jpg tomhardyorg_003.jpg


“Venom” Screencaptures & Stills + DVD/Blu-Ray and Digital HD Release Date

Venom DVD and Blu-ray release date is set for December 18, 2018 and available on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes on December 11, 2018. Our gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures of Tom’s scenes as Eddie Brock/Venom. I’ve also added new production stills in high quality, enjoy!

THVault008.jpg THVault018.jpg THVault026.jpg THVault023.jpg
THV-VENOM2018-0068.jpg THV-VENOM2018-0237.jpg THV-VENOM2018-0641.jpg THV-VENOM2018-1148.jpg


Tom Hardy for Paris Match

Hello, Tom fans! Our gallery has been updated with HQ portraits of Tom photographed for Paris Match during Venom promotion in October.

tomhardyorg002.jpg tomhardyorg003.jpg tomhardyorg004.jpg tomhardyorg005.jpg


Photos: ‘Venom’ Photocall in Los Angeles

Tom stepped out yesterday (September 27) to attend the ‘Venom’ Photocall in Los Angeles. I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Tom during the event.

tomhardyorg_20180927VenomPhotocall-LA_036.jpg tomhardyorg_20180927VenomPhotocall-LA_049.jpg tomhardyorg_20180927VenomPhotocall-LA_055.jpg tomhardyorg_20180927VenomPhotocall-LA_056.jpg


Photos: ‘Venom’ Photocall in Moscow

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Tom attending the Moscow photocall of Venom.

tomhardyorg_20180921VenomPhotocallMoscow_018.jpg tomhardyorg_20180921VenomPhotocallMoscow_019.jpg tomhardyorg_20180921VenomPhotocallMoscow_024.jpg tomhardyorg_20180921VenomPhotocallMoscow_027.jpg


Photos: BGC Charity Day

Hello, everyone!

We know Tom for his charity work as well. And he attended ‘BGC Charity Day’ today. Our gallery has been updated with some high quality images, and more to come!

tomhardeorg_bgccharityday_007.jpg tomhardeorg_bgccharityday_010.jpg tomhardeorg_bgccharityday_011.jpg tomhardeorg_bgccharityday_023.jpg